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What you need to get started for electric cars and trucks

Car or truck kit of choice, I reccomend a Team Losi XXT Sport,$130 from Tower Hobbies.

Transmitter,receiver,and servo kit of choice,Tower Hobbies has a combo for $58.

Electronic speed control (for best performance) A Futaba MC210CB w/ reverse cost $50.

Nicad battery charger,Hobbico's 905 AC/CD charger is $32.

One nicad battery packs,having two is a good idea,a Duratrax Piranha 1500 6 cell cost $15.

An electric motor of choice,a Trinity Paradox,cost $40.

An assortment of tools such as screw drivers,hex wrenches, ect.

At least two colors of paint for lexan plastic bodies

A bottle of super glue (for gluing the tires on)

Soldering iron or gun and a stand(for the repair of batteries.) repairs)

Red and black 12Ga.wire,avivable at Radio Shack.

Three sets of good battery connectors (the cheap ones melt)

A pair of scissors (For all kinds of repaires)

An old tooth brush, for cleaning tires.

Steve Bafus

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